Mar 13

What’s New in Interventional Spine Biologics? Studies from TOBI Faculty

This year TOBI has added a workshop and cadaver lab track: Interventional Spine/Pain Management Biologics. Catch up with our Faculty publications in spine before joining us in June at TOBI 2017: 22 Feb 2018; Oxford University Press: Pain Medicine Increased Nuclear T2 Signal Intensity and Improved Function and Pain in a Patient One Year After an Intradiscal Platelet–Rich Plasma Injection Dr. Gregory Lutz of the Hospital for Special Surgery continues his remarkable research on intradiscal platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections in this new publication...

Feb 9

January 2017: TOBI Faculty Publications in Regenerative Medicine

TOBI Faculty Publications: January 2017 January 2017, Stem Cells and Development Autologous and Allogeneic Equine Mesenchymal Stem Cells Exhibit Equivalent Immunomodulatory Properties In Vitro. TOBI Faculty C. Wayne McIlwraith, MD, published this study evaluating different methods of modulating inflammatory processes related to acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries in the horse. They conducted studies to assess the immunological properties of equine allogeneic BMDMSCs compared with those of autologous BMDMSCs. For assessment of inherent immunogenicity, the relative ability of allogeneic and autologous...

Jul 1

TOBI Faculty Publish New Article on Platelet Rich Plasma Application in Spine:

Recently, The Orthobiologic Institute Faculty members Danielle Aufiero, Steven Sampson, Hunter Vincent, and Marko Bodor published an article in the Journal of Stem Cell Research, Review & Reports titled: Regenerative Injection Treatment in the Spine: Review and Case Series with Platelet Rich Plasma. The article provides a review of Prolotherapy applications in the spine, and as well as logic for clinical application of Platelet Rich Plasma for similar spine mediated. In addition, the article discusses the current literature on the...