The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) Faculty, Dr. Brian Cole, publishes article in JBJS: Restoration of Articular Cartilage

Mar 31

The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) Faculty, Dr. Brian Cole, publishes article in JBJS: Restoration of Articular Cartilage

A recent review article addressing current concepts in cartilage restoration was published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery with (TOBI) The Orthobiologic faculty member Dr. Brian Cole as a contributing author. The article addresses a wide variety of hot topics and emerging research to summarize the vast developments in the field of cartilage repair and potential areas of future expansion. The article discusses advancements in imaging, including the progression of novel cartilage imaging techniques for evaluating cartilage composition. Also addressed, were some of the potential limitations of bone marrow stimulation including inconsistencies in cartilage volume repair, limited repair of Hyaline cartilage, and the potential long-term effects if cellular transplantation is required later in life.

Furthermore, the role of biologic therapies, such as Platelet Rich Plasma, in cartilage restoration was examined. According to the article, although the specific role of biologics remains undefined, it is important for future research efforts to more closely examine the exact production techniques and specific cellular compositions of concentrated cell therapies and biologic augments.

Current topics in surgical cartilage repair were also addressed. The article discusses potential ways to reduce the risk of mechanical failure in cartilage repair surgery by correcting malalignment, meniscal injury, and ligament deficiency in a staged or concomitant method. Physical rehabilitation programs were also highlighted, including the effects of controlled exercise prescription and progressive partial weight bearing on the outcome of cartilage repair surgery.

Extensive research and collaboration is imperative to continued advancements in the area of cartilage restoration. However, this article illustrates the extensive efforts underway and the exciting areas for the future.


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