Stem Cell Injection Shows Promising Results for Mensicus Regeneration

Apr 30

Stem Cell Injection Shows Promising Results for Mensicus Regeneration

A recent study published by TOBI: The Orthobiologic Institute alumni, Dr. Thomas Vangsness Jr. and colleagues, examined the use of human mesenchymal stem cells for meniscus regeneration and pain control following knee surgery. The randomized double-blind multicenter study followed 55 patients who underwent partial medial meniscectomy and received one of three treatments 7-10 days following surgery. The participants were divided into three groups: Group A, which received 50×106 allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells, Group B, which received 150×106 allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells, and Group C, which received a control injection of sodium hyaluronate.

The results revealed significant reductions in pain and suggested positive meniscus regeneration. Based on VAS scores, all patients in groups A, B, and C illustrated improvements from baseline scores. At 1 year follow-up, 24% of patents in Group A and 6% of Group B revealed at least a 15% increase in meniscal volume, where as, no patients in the control group reached the 15% threshold. In response to the results of the study, Dr. Vangsness said, ”These results support the study of human mesenchymal stem cells for the apparent knee-tissue regeneration and protective effects.”

Although more research is needed to fully understand the mechanism and efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells for meniscus regeneration, the results suggest a promising future and warrants further research and collaboration.

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