TOBI Founder Presented PRP & BMC Research on Capitol Hill

Feb 12

TOBI Founder Presented PRP & BMC Research on Capitol Hill



On Feb. 10, in a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill, TOBI Founder, Dr. Steven Sampson, joined forces with representatives of the Arthritis Foundation, the American College of Rheumatology and American Osteopathic Association, veterans organizations and service members, to put a spotlight on arthritis in the military.

One in three U.S. military personnel compared to one in five civilians suffer from arthritis. The panelists called the disease a “silent enemy” that threatens our nation through the disability it causes and the millions of dollars it costs U.S. taxpayers in health care expenses. Research and treatments can significantly reduce the estimated $1 million cost per military personnel discharged with Arthritis, over his/her lifetime.

The Arthritis Foundation has taken the latest research data and turned it into a compelling case for public policy change. This panel is calling on Congress to dedicate $20 million to Department of Defense arthritis research program that focuses on the disease and ways to mitigate its effects. Arthritis research that helps our military and veteran populations will ultimately benefit everyone with arthritis.

Dr. Sampson discussed autologous platelet rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate, benefits to patients suffering with arthritis, and need for further research.

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