TOBI 2016

Join Thought Leaders at the Industry’s Premiere Orthobiologics Event

The 2016 symposium returns to Las Vegas – NOW to Wynn – to accommodate the exponential growth of this exciting field and must-attend annual event. Wynn is the ideal venue to host the best TOBI yet, conveniently located on the Las Vegas strip, just 10 minutes from McCarran International Airport and Oquendo Center. The Oquendo Center, where TOBI Cadaver Labs are held, features the country’s finest state-of-the art bioskills labs.

TOBI 2016 theme is “NEW & NOW” for our annual gathering of thought-leaders from around the globe to share the latest research and best practices in orthobiologics regenerative medicine –
What did we learn NEW this year? NOW what are the best protocols?

Symposium – New Research & Protocol Updates
Leave with the latest research and standardized protocols from world leaders in the field – PRP, BMC, Lipoaspirate and more. Each lecture will provide leading edge science and clinical pearls with take away points for implementation. By popular demand, all Symposium lectures are CME, with no commercial lectures or videos, and each section includes expert panel discussions, more Q&A time, and audience participation opportunities – live & online.

NEW Workshops – Basic Science & Techniques
4-hour breakout intensives provide the essential foundation to implement these cutting edge therapies – basic science, literature review, clinical indications, processing demonstrations, and procedure techniques.

  • Beginner Basics: PRP & MSK Ultrasound-guided Injections
  • Lipoaspirate & Bone Marrow Aspirate
  • Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection

Cadaver Labs – Hands-on Experience
Rare opportunity to learn these valuable therapies from field experts.

  • MSK Ultrasound-guided Injections
  • Lipoaspirate & Bone Marrow Aspirate
  • Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection

2016 Program Includes:

New Research & Protocol Updates

June 10-11, 2016

Basic Science & Techniques

June 11, 2016

June 10-11, 2016

Hands-on Experience

June 12, 2016

If you can’t join us in Las Vegas, stream LIVE and interact via chat, participate in Q&A, live polls & surveys via the TOBI Mobile App & more!

2016 Program may be taken as:

Single Events:

    • 1.5 Day: Symposium ONLY
    • Workshop ONLY
    • Cadaver Lab ONLY

Combination Events:

      • 2.5 Day: Symposium, Workshop & Cadaver Lab
      • 2 Day: Symposium & Workshop
      • 2 Day: Symposium & Cadaver Lab
      • 1 Day: Workshop & Cadaver Lab

Live Video Stream:

      • Live Stream Symposium ONLINE
      • Live Stream recordings online after event included with all registrations
      • Workshop recordings available for pre-sale (no Live Stream)

2016 Features:

      • Learn from world-renowned biologics experts with over 20 lectures
      • Get cutting-edge research and best practices in PRP, Bone Marrow, Adipose, and more regenerative therapies
      • NEW CME lectures ONLY, NO industry sponsored lectures or videos
      • NEW Expert Panel Discussions: PRP, Bone Marrow, Adipose, Cartilage, and Spine
      • NEW More Q&A time
      • NEW More live and online audience interaction opportunities with live polls and survey results throughout the Symposium
      • Network with global field leaders
      • Connect with vendors for the latest medical products in regenerative medicine
      • Poster Research Exhibits for novel therapies
      • Participate in this CME course
      • NEW 4 hour Workshops for intensive education on techniques to implement leading edge regenerative medicine therapies: Beginner Basics: PRP & MSK Ultrasound-guided Injections, Lipoaspirate & Bone Marrow Aspirate, Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection
      • Experience the premiere orthobiologics cadaver lab for biologic therapies
      • Learn hands-on techniques from field leaders
      • NEW 4 hour Hands-on Cadaver Labs Workshops for experience in these leading edge regenerative medicine therapies:
      • MSK Ultrasound-guided Injection Basics
      • Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection
      • Bone Marrow Aspirate
      • Lipoaspirate
      • Inject cadavers with ultrasound-guidance
      • NEW Hydrodissect nerves with ultrasound-guidance
      • Rare hands-on bone marrow aspirate drilling and ultrasound-guided injections on cadaver
      • NEW Hands-on lipoaspirate experience on cadaver
      • Participate in this CME course
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